about our optometry practice Tucson, AZ
Our optical staff is comprised of 27 individuals all who individually and together have many years of optical experience. The frame and lens business can be complicated and overwhelming.

Most team members at Accent On Vision have been with the company many years and really know how to handle almost anything. It is one thing having lots of frame choices, lens options and array of contact lenses available at our disposal. It is another thing helping a patient find what is right for their daily endeavors and being able to provide quality follow up care; this is follow up care where the staff understands and completely respects all patients and their optical needs.

We have learned a lot in 27 years being in this wonderful world of optics. It is constantly evolving and we do our best to keep up with the newest technology with product and continuing education. We value our fine doctors and I believe our patients appreciate the quality of the eye examinations they receive at our office. One of the ingredients, key to our success has been the quality and depth of skills provided by the support staff from initial contact to final checkout.

The bottom line is that Accent On Vision is not a cookie cutter operation. We believe that we can deliver the best experience possible in optical to all of our patients. We believe you will be impressed with the quality and skills of the personnel on the Accent on On Vision Team. We are also proud to say the entire AOV Team is CPR & AED certified.
If you are looking to brighten and enhance your vision, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (520) 888-0099!